Welcome, say hello! [News and Announcements] (10)

Introduce yourself to the community! Tell us a little about who you are, what you do and why you’re here. Maybe you have a cool project you have worked on before that is related to Amethyst or game development in some wa…

Games made with Amethyst [Show Off] (4)

Continuing from #142 on GitHub, I figured we could have an early go at this by editing this wiki-topic together. After a while we can try to sort them by things like “open source”, “education-friendly”, “status:complete”…

Welcome to the Amethyst Forums! [News and Announcements] (4)

Hello and welcome! This forum is meant to be a place where users of the Amethyst engine can discuss, ask for help or show off their creations. Keep in mind that we value friendliness over all else, so make sure you have…

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