Erlend Updates - 2019

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #1

I’ll try posting weekly-ish (emphasis on the ish) from here on out.

Stuff I’ve done

  • Discussed book deal. Me and @fletcher have been continuing to discuss it amongst ourselves and kept the dialogue going with publishers. We’re not gonna rush this, don’t worry.
  • Designed a market-based game based on some of @fletcher’s ideas. It’s on hold for the time being but I’m pretty sure it’ll come back into play later, and I’ll hold off saying much more about it until then.
  • Applied to GSoC. We’ll know if we got in by 26. February
  • Applied to MOSS. We’ll know if we got approved in about a month.
  • Community Management (language survey, lightly enforcing some Discourse/communication best practices etc.)
  • Done a fair bit of light-touch mentoring for the showcase team
  • Started Evolution Island.

Stuff I wanna get to soonish

  • Help draft the 2019 (and 1.0) roadmap as well as talk more about Amethyst’s collective vision (which entails figuring out if there is one)
  • More Evolution Island
  • More community management
  • Website iterations