Trademarks in Various Countries

(Fletcher) #1

@Moxinilian and I have been looking at registering trademarks in the US, EU, and Canada. @Moxinilian is covering EU info gathering, I’m taking US and Canada.


$950 total for 10 years, includes all states. Does not include Canada. Lasts 10 years.


$450 Canadian Dollars for 15 years.


€850 total for 10 years, considering we only register Amethyst as a Class 9 (electronics and software) trademark. LG already owns a class 9 “Amethyst” brand for a discontinued product, but the low likelihood of confusion and the fair difference in field suggest our brand deposit would be accepted nonetheless.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #2

What’s the timeline on this? Afaik it’s pretty hard for others to trademark a name (in the same class) that is publicly and widely in use by a popular brand, even if it hasn’t been trademarked yet. So if the purpose of spending significant amounts of money on these trademarks is to protect ourselves against :tm: squatters, I’d rather wait until Q3 or later.