Welcome to the Amethyst Forums!


Hello and welcome!

This forum is meant to be a place where users of the Amethyst engine can discuss, ask for help or show off their creations. Keep in mind that we value friendliness over all else, so make sure you have respect for other people in all situations.

When posting, make sure you’re posting to the correct category. That way it’s easier for the right people to find your post in order to help you. We also have a #show-off category where you can show off what you have made with the engine.

If you have any problems with the forum itself or want to add some feature, feel free to open a thread in #site-feedback and we’ll be sure to fix the problem!

We’re currently testing this site in limited capacity and as such, you may find bugs and other weird things. Please send a message to me (Ellie) on Discord if you find anything!